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Surprise! No electronic music on this Netlabel! Apparently created in 1779, Crackerbox is a loosely connected group of basement-recording geeks and audio-plundering losers. With members as widespread as California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and a headquarters in Arkansas, they truly are all around us. Their numbers have reached the millions at times, but presently they are hard to gauge. The bands release their own albums and often collaborate or members go solo, creating a plethora of side projects that Jim Santo has a problem keeping straight. Slowly, we will be adding albums as we get permission to put them online. Oh, didn't you know is a website, too?

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by The Pennock Bridge Collective
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Recorded over the course of a week at a house in West Grove, Pennsylvania, The Pennock Bridge Collective's debut album was recorded by a ten-member supergroup. The PBC is made up of the seven members of The Spinto Band, plus Spencer Owen, Ryan Hennessy (aka Vinyl Boy) and Mike Remiker of The Fisticuffs UK. The album stirs all of its members' influences in one big pot. There's Bachrach-inspired pop, Fresh Prince style hip-hop, romantic ballads, classic new wave, and ambient, I don't know,...
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Topics: Ballad, Gangsta Rap, New Wave, Soul, lo-fi amateur pop, Ambient, Experimental, Old School